Thermal insulation jackets

Thermal insulation jackets Powerz offer uncomplicated solution for temperature-dependent transport of goods. Thermal insulation jackets are designed so that it can be worn without tools on loaded pallets or other objects. Thanks to the high quality of insulation materials, the goods in roll containers or on secure pallets are protected from temperature changes. The goods with various operating temperatures can be transported by one truck.


  • Preservation of prescribed reduction or increase in the operating temperature
  • Maintenance the desired temperature on the insulation surface
  • Protection of workers against injuries and noise
  • Protect the equipment in case of fire
  • Prevention of frostbite of liquid media


  • Tailored solutions
  • Assembly service
  • Maximum adaptation to the insulation surface size
  • Easy installation thanks to use of different types of mounting


Thermal insulation jackets for equipment with complicated geometry


  • Insulating function at temperatures from -60 ° C up to + 800 ° C
  • Special insulating materials, with different types of fixing strings, straps or Velcro fasteners
  • for the operation with aggressive media we use high quality chemically resistant materials


  • exact adaptation to the insulating surface and avoiding the heat losses
  • Material selection according to the operation terms and resizing for different objects
  • Quick access to major vents such as for sampling or inspection window