Thermal insulation jackets for food industry

Thanks to ability to keep operating temperature consistently find thermal insulation jackets Powerz their use in food industry. By using thermal insulation jackets, it is possible, to transport frozen products (-18 ° C), meat or fish (+ 2 ° C), fruits and vegetables (+ 6 ° C), exotic fruits (+ 15 ° C) and dry products (to + 20 ° C) by one truck.

  • -18°C Frozen Foods
  • + 2°C Meat and fish
  • + 6°C fruit and vegetables
  • + 15°C bananas and exotic fruits
  • + 20°C dry products

Graphical representation of temperature preservation

Inside - cold meat

Outside – warm (+20°C)


Inside - cold meat

Outside – cold (-20°C)


Inside - cold meat

Outside – warm (+20°C)

For the transport of pallets with different goods height, we have developed thermal insulation jackets with adjustable sizes.

Thanks to high tensile strength serve our thermal insulation jackets more than 5 years.



One of the main special features of thermal insulation jackets is the use of high quality materials with preservation of the given technical conditions, which are listed below:

  • Preservation of thermal conductivity in spite of temperature and humidity changes
  • Mechanical wear and tear resistance
  • Ecological tissue without allergens
  • Preventing bacterial and fungal growth thanks to special upper layers and filling materials

Thermal insulation jacket FZ

M – have small weight

L – are for transport in the surrounding area

Thermal insulation jacket SZ

F+ - are able to withstand extrem mechanical stress

L+ - are for transport on longer distance

The use of thermal insulation jackets Kompenz allows minimizing of temperature variations, protects the food from dust, dirt and environmental influences. For short-term storage of food on unprepared surfaces bearing thermal insulation jackets required temperature.