Rubber expansion joints

Rubber expansion joints are basically moving elements of pipeline systems which absorb temperature expansions, oscillations and vibrations in all directions. Rubber expansion joints are treated as one of the most critical parts of pipelines that carry fluid media. These conditions cause pump vibrations, as well as temperature vibrations of pipes and process equipment, which can be absorbed by specially provided rubber expansion joints.

Typical application areas for rubber expansion joints are pumps, water and oil pipelines, as well as systems that carry aggressive liquids (i.e. acids).

Rubber expansion joints are made from flexible elastomer and are fitted with flanges made of common or stainless steel in order to fix them on a pipe. Our experimental elastomer technologies provide an opportunity for manufacturing high-quality rubber expansion joints for all major industrial sectors. For water and non-aggressive media, we use EPDM elastomers (ethylene-propylene rubber) from the leading manufacturers. NBR elastomers (butadiene nitrile rubber) is used for oil-containing media. For production of rubber expansion joints NBR elastomer is subjected to vulcanization that ensures its extra tensile and extension strength, as well as resistance to environmental and temperature effects. In case of highly aggressive media we offer rubber expansion joints made from fluorine-containing rubber. By adding a layer of polytetrafluorethylene we provide enhanced resistance of our rubber expansion joints and their reliability in operation.

To design a rubber expansion joint and to make the required calculations we need all the necessary data as to sizes and operating conditions. In order to get the better solution, and for us to prepare a commercial offer with indication of price and delivery time, as well as for preparing an engineering drawing, please provide to us all the required information. Online-Shop rubber expansion joints

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